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    Richard Crow
    Latest: Mei Hua (plum Blossom)... Richard Crow, Mar 25, 2013
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  1. webmaster
  3. Anthony Korahais

    Health & Wellness Lifting The Sky

    Daily practice is the key to success with Flowing Zen. But it’s not easy to keep your practice regular. No matter how disciplined you are, you’ll still run into obstacles. The 2-Minute Drill is a great way to overcome these obstacles. Let’s say you've just had a stressful day in the middle of a stressful week. Even though you KNOW that... [Read More]

  4. Lawrence A. Kane

    Techniques & Applications Wicked Words That May Kill You

    While sticks and stones can break your bones, your words may actually kill you. They can also save your life. Having to be right despite the cost, reacting indignantly in the face of a threat, or insulting an adversary often guarantees that a conflict will escalate to violence. Clever words, on the other hand, can de-escalate a tense situation,... [Read More]


    Emei Fire Dragon Kung Fu

    Emei Fire Dragon Kung Fu(Emei Huo Long Emei Tziu Lung) As its name suggests, the Emei School of Kung Fu originated from the Emei Mountain, a famous Buddhist Centre in Southwest China's Sichuan Province. It is sometimes listed alongside Shaolin and Wudang as one of the three major schools of Chinese Kung Fu. But it is different from the other... [Read More]

  6. Adam Hsu

    Forms & Stances Second Hand Taiji Quan

    It's rare in taiji quan to find movements or postures in which both right and left arms are given equal importance. No matter what taiji style or form, most often one arm leads and the other follows. [ATTACH] This same principle is mirrored in our social structures--family, government, corporations, schools, and so on. Some people are leaders,... [Read More]

  7. Rory Miller

    Health & Wellness An Introduction To Force Decisions

    Each day, media outlets all over the country describe events where officers use force. Often, the reporters and the citizens question the need for force at all or whether the type and amount of force used was really necessary. Citizens worry that their protectors— with badges, guns, clubs and Tasers— are caught up in the rush of power, or perhaps... [Read More]

  8. Wong Kiew Kit

    History, Legends, & Folklore Qualities Of A Good Master

    Having a good master is definitely a tremendous blessing in kungfu, taijiquan and qigong training. As mediocre instructors are so common nowadays -- some even start to teach after having attended only a few week-end seminars -- finding a great master is like finding a gem in a haystack. Here are some guidelines to help you find one. [ATTACH]... [Read More]

  9. Wong Kiew Kit

    Techniques & Applications Hook Hand, Hiding Flowers, Fierce Tiger And Double Dragons

    One reader, however, questioned whether the patterns were realistic and usable. If you take in isolation the combat situation shown in the picture above, then it is "unrealistic", as no one would leave his arm for you to break as in this pattern. In the same vein all kungfu patterns, including very simple ones like thrust punches and side kicks,... [Read More]

  10. webmaster

    Styles Of Kung Fu Ba Bu Tang Lang Chuan

    From the oral tradition and the writings of later Mantis masters, we know that the founder and patriarch of the style was Wang Lang. Wang Lang was the smartest and most talented child of his family, and from an early age had developed a great interest in the martial arts. He had traveled widely through China to learn the various arts, and soon... [Read More]

  11. Yang Jwing Ming

    History, Legends, & Folklore Discouragement

    I remember one afternoon, when I was 17 years old, I went to see my White Crane master. I was a bit depressed and I had hoped to receive some comfort and sympathy from him. I told him that I was depressed about the fact that there were some White Crane techniques which I could not perform as skillfully as one of my classmates, who was a couple of... [Read More]

  12. Susan Lynn Peterson

    Health & Wellness Outdoor Martial Arts—a Guide To Training Without Sunburning

    The image of martial arts students training outdoors is pervasive. From Beijing parks to the Shaolin Temple, from Hollywood and Hong Kong movies to "Kung Fu Panda," the romance of outdoor training captures our imaginations. [ATTACH] That attractive image may have some justification. Modern psychologists speak of the outdoors as a cure for... [Read More]

  13. rzanotti

    Health & Wellness Iron Palm Training

    Almost every Kung Fu master claims to have some mastery or knowledge of Iron Palm techniques. While not all Kung Fu styles teach the Iron Palm methods, there are many that do. This article will cover some practical ideas for Iron Palm training and, hopefully, save you from some of the pitfalls along the way. If you are studying the Iron Palm,... [Read More]

  14. Yang Jwing Ming

    History, Legends, & Folklore It's Time

    If you are a Chinese martial artist, I believe that you may have noticed many of the strange phenomena happening in Western Chinese martial arts society for the last twenty years. Many of you may have noticed these phenomena and let them happen. Many of you may get upset and feel you cannot do too much about it. If you are an enthusiastic Chinese... [Read More]

  15. Rick Moneymaker

    History, Legends, & Folklore Self Defense And The Law

    Self-defense begins when you are required to defend yourself against an unlawful attack and it is a time honored principle that one is entitle to defend himself from physical attack by another person. However, you are only protected by the law if you are obeying the law. Notice this definition of self-defense is related to physical, and not verbal... [Read More]

  16. Wong Kiew Kit

    Techniques & Applications How Would Taijiquan Exponent Defend Against An Elbow Attack From A Muai Thai Fighter?

    A Muai Thai fighter seldom uses elbow attacks in a straight-forward manner. He often employs elbow strikes in what is called a "three-in-one" tactic. For example, he starts with a feign punch to your face. As soon as you respond, he moves in swiftly, bends his attacking arm and strikes you with his elbow. This elbow strike can be "feign" or... [Read More]

  17. Wong Kiew Kit

    History, Legends, & Folklore Showing Respect To The Master

    An art is best learnt in its culture. One remarkable difference between the culture of the east and the west is the respect shown to a master. In this connection I have little complaint because my students, from both the east and the west, generally show much respect to me. But I have met many eastern masters commenting on the lack of respect,... [Read More]

  18. Yang Jwing Ming

    Health & Wellness Taiji Breathing

    First, let us consider natural breathing. When you practice Taijiquan with this breathing, your mind does not have to be focused on the breathing. This is especially important for the beginner. At this stage, they should pay attention primarily to regulating the body into a more relaxed, centered, and balanced state. Once you have regulated your... [Read More]

  19. Wong Kiew Kit

    History, Legends, & Folklore Proper Respect

    An art is best learned in its culture. One remarkable difference between the culture of the east and the west is the respect shown to a master. In this connection I have little complaint because my students, from both the east and the west, generally show much respect to me. But I have met many eastern masters commenting on the lack of respect,... [Read More]

  20. Yang Jwing Ming

    History, Legends, & Folklore The Man With Important Friends

    Once upon a time there was a man who, when he left home every morning, would tell his two wives that he wouldn't be home for lunch or dinner. He had to meet with some important business friends, or some high-ranking government officials, and they would wine and dine him after the meeting. Every night he would come home full and drunk, and would... [Read More]

  21. Wong Kiew Kit

    Techniques & Applications Chen Style Taijiquan

    The pattern "Seven-Inch Anchor" is also known by another name as "Leaning at the Back". and "Slantingly Throw Step" also known as ""Throw Step in front of Chest". [IMG] [IMG] Martial art students who are used to sparring as a generous exchange of kicks and blows, will wonder how on earth these two flowery-looking patterns can be used for... [Read More]

  22. rzanotti

    Health & Wellness A Deep Relaxation Exercise

    While most martial artists spend a lot of time practicing their arts and perfecting their moves, very few balance the practice out with relaxation. Relaxing allows us to loosen up, to let ourselves flow comfortably and to have our body become rejuvenated. Here's an exercise you can do right before you go to sleep every night. [ATTACH] The goal... [Read More]

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