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Apr 19, 2015
Jan 9, 2005
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La Mesa, Ca
Library Clerk

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Moderator, from La Mesa, Ca

Put a down payment on the seminar, got my exhibition and banquet ticket! All is good! Sep 13, 2013

aaradia was last seen:
Apr 19, 2015
    1. aaradia
      After what seems like forever, my instructor is finally more pleased than not of my 48 TCC form. A test may not be worlds away.
      1. Doppelganger likes this.
    2. aaradia
      Couldn't get my lazy self out of bed in time for several classes I meant to go to, but I did practice for about 2 1/2 hours.
    3. aaradia
      Diagnosis of recent wrist pain. Ulnar nerve contusion- NO impact practicing for a month! There goes my two person practice & sparring.:-(
    4. aaradia
      Of all the strange things to spam, why are vinyl replacement window advertisements one of the most prolific offenders? I'm baffled.
    5. aaradia
      Just received notification for FEDERAL jury duty. Never done the Federal one before, this will be interesting.
    6. aaradia
      Contemplating breaking my routine and escaping in the Avengers movie tonight.
    7. aaradia
      I think I have a new favorite weapon - the spear! Learning the Throat Locking Spear form and It is awesome!
    8. TaiSha
      How did the tournament go?
    9. CharlesVarrick
      Yep, all directed at Unk. would have included it but very bad connection in bar I was/am in
    10. aaradia
      Listening to the public service for Junior Seau right now - Goodbye #55. San Diego misses you!
    11. TaiSha
      Good Luck!
      1. aaradia
        May 5, 2012
    12. aaradia
      Wish me luck! Cinco De Mayo is tournament day. Now I need to get of this computer and try and sleep.
    13. aaradia
      All signed up for tournament! CLF-hand, weapon & 2 person form. Tecniques. Sparring & weapon sparring. TCC-hand & weapon form, Push hands
    14. aaradia
      Pacing and timing....Gotta work on those. Moving too fast in TCC 54 sword form. Not timing upper body moves with footwork in Sup Ji Jit Fu.
    15. aaradia
      Signed a big card at class for a 12 year old fellow student who has cancer. Freakin' cancer - he is just a kid. :-(
    16. aaradia
      Dang it- my wrist and thumb hurt after practice! Hope it is just a spasm or sprain. I see lots of ice, heat, and jow in my near future.
      1. TaiSha
        Jow and my wrist have become best friends.
        Mar 20, 2012
    17. TaiSha
      Do you practice an Snake forms?
      1. aaradia
        My comment is about St. Patrick's day. St. Patrick kicked the snakes out of Ireland. Snakes represents Pagan religions. I am pagan. Yes, CLF has a snake form, but it is an advanced set. I won't get to learn it until after I get my black sash. We do have some snake strikes in other forms.
        Mar 17, 2012
      2. TaiSha
        I figured I I wasn't getting it. I love snake style, so I had to ask.
        Mar 18, 2012
    18. aaradia
      Me- I am am on the side of the snakes today......
    19. aaradia
      Wanted to make sure my 2 person set partner was on board for the tournament, because there are no refunds. Turns out he already signed up!
    20. Green_Horn
      That is AWESOME!!!!
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    If you're not angry by all the corrections you get in Tai Chi lessons then you're not getting enough corrections. -B. Little


    La Mesa, Ca
    Library Clerk
    Choy Li Fut, Yang Tai Chi
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