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Apr 19, 2015
Jan 9, 2005
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La Mesa, Ca
Library Clerk

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Moderator, from La Mesa, Ca

Put a down payment on the seminar, got my exhibition and banquet ticket! All is good! Sep 13, 2013

aaradia was last seen:
Apr 19, 2015
    1. aaradia
      Somehow, I managed to beg work and finagle my way to be able to go to all our tournament "megagroup" classes. Very pleased with myself!
    2. aaradia
      I asked my instructor about learning the fa jing aspects of Yang TCC. She said to ask again once I get my brown fringe. Extra motivation!
      1. Doppelganger likes this.
    3. aaradia
      GM DFW is going to be at our school this weekend for advanced tests! I'm not testing, but will iron my uniform just in case I run into him.
    4. Enter the Dragon
      You asked who is my family member is on my first thread. The answer is Joe Was.
      1. aaradia
        Thanks for responding. I already figured that out from your other posts. You said something about visiting him and your twitter account has the same name as him? Do you two share the same first and last name?
        Feb 22, 2012
      2. Enter the Dragon
        Enter the Dragon
        Yes, one reason I a diffrent avatar name is we share the same name. Im named after him, my middle name is named after my grandpa.
        Feb 22, 2012
    5. aaradia
      Doing 2 person set.Can feel the bruises starting up again. My instructor tells my partner he ISN'T hitting me hard enough! Where's my Jow?
    6. theAKdoctor
      Hey, I'd be glad to check out your post. I saw it before I registered (just the title) and wanted to read it. Just haven't gotten to it yet :) Many interesting topics so far. It's next on my list. Especially since I had a similar problem.
    7. aaradia
      Rest in Peace Harry Morgan and thanks for one of the most memorable characters EVER- Sherman T. Potter!
    8. aaradia
      Really struggling to get the last part of Sup Ji Jit Fu memorized. Rather doubtful I will make goal of having it done by my lesson on Monday
      1. Green_Horn
        you'll get it!!!! I got faith in ya
        Nov 20, 2011
    9. aaradia
      I do NOT watch MMA to have some fighter preach at me about his religion. No, you can't get an "amen" from me Henderson.Great fighter though.
    10. aaradia
      Guida VS Henderson up next!
    11. aaradia
      Tired of being sick, missing work and missing training, and just plain bored.
    12. aaradia
    13. aaradia
      So very tired and can't sleep :-(
    14. aaradia
      That was a great martial arts weekend! Everything lived up to my expectations.
    15. aaradia
      So excited about next weekend! Grandmaster Seminars, Banquet, and an exhibition!
    16. aaradia
      Dai Sup Ji it is!
    17. aaradia
      Lovely- I seem to have re-injured my knee doing (of all things) my rehab exercises :-(
      1. bsd_tector
        REHAB. No good can come of it. Have you tried acupuncture or an Osteopath? Feel better soon.
        Sep 20, 2011
      2. aaradia
        thanks for the well wishes. I see a massage therapist trained in Chinese alternative treatments and an accupuncturist. I just did the rehab exercise while my knee was recovering from injuring it a couple of weeks ago and I think it was just still weakend. I do that exercise all the time and it has been fine until now.
        Sep 21, 2011
    18. aaradia
      Lovely- I seem to have re-injured my knee doing (of all things) my rehab exercises :-(
    19. aaradia
      Tournament's over. Now its time to integrate what I learned from it and use it to improve as a Martial Artist.
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    If you're not angry by all the corrections you get in Tai Chi lessons then you're not getting enough corrections. -B. Little


    La Mesa, Ca
    Library Clerk
    Choy Li Fut, Yang Tai Chi
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