The articles are written by some of the most recognized names in Chinese martial arts.  Please select from the categories below.

kung fu techniques

Techniques & Applications

Techniques and Applications display the various applications and techniques of kung fu in a step by step overview.


Health and Wellness

Health & Wellness

Health and Wellness cover all aspects including exercise, eating right, proper use of herbal remedies and herbs, Chinese medicine, and more.

Styles of Kung Fu

Learn about the many styles of kung fu! If your style is not listed please be sure to submit it!

Legends & Folklore

Stories, legends, and history all about kung fu!


Interviews of some of the most important kung fu pioneers, promoters, and practicioners!

Who’s Who in Kung Fu

Read about the greatest of the greats in kung fu.  If you would like to submit somone for consideration into the Who’s Who In Kung Fu section click here.