A Story of Respect

by | Aug 18, 2020 | Legends & Folklore

Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming shares a story of respect. This is an ancient Chinese story. When a girl in ancient China was married, she usually lived with and served her husband and mother-in-law. When Mrs. XXX married her husband, she found that she could not stand the daily criticism of her mother-in-law. She decided to do something. She came to a herb store and talked with the owner of the store, who also happened to be a friend of her father. She said: "Mr. XXX, I cannot stand any more of my mother-in-law's temper. She has driven me crazy. I wonder.....
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Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming


Dr. Yang is the most prolific author in martial arts and has graciously allowed us to include his material. His website is https://ymaa.com/. He has been involved in Chinese Gongfu since 1961. During this time, he has spent 13 years learning Shaolin White Crane (Bai He), Shaolin Long Fist (Changquan), and Taijiquan. Dr. Yang has more than thirty years of instructional experience: seven years in Taiwan, five years at Purdue University, two years in Houston, TX, and 24 years in Boston, MA. On November 29, 2005, Dr. Yang conferred the title of Taiji Master to one of his senior students (Roger Whidden)for the first time, which by tradition bestows the honorable title of Grandmaster upon Dr. Yang.

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