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Hsing-'i is literally the 'mind-form'.  Found chiefly in the north, originating in San-Shih province. It spread to Hepei, the to Hunan, and eventually reached Peking. Based on the five-element philosophy of Chinese cosmology, Hsing-'i has a simple and practical style. Major weapons are knife(tao) and sword(chien). It uses single movements in training, repeated on both left and right sides, and contains short basic forms, unlike other northern systems. Important figures in the Hepei style (San-Shih original style) are Li-Tsun-I, San-Yuen-Shiang, Tsau-Ke-Li, Chiao-Liang-Feng and Adam Hsu. There are several recognized spelling and/or renderings of this arts name. The most common being.....
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