Pushing Hands Part 2 – Front Attack

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This is part two of a multi-part series by the legendary Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit on the art of pushing hands. After you have acquired some skills in sensing your opponents, flowing energy, following your opponent and leading him -- but not before -- you may proceed to the next stage of pushing hands, which is learning the techniques and practicing the skills in single attacks from the front, and the defense against these attacks. The important point in pushing hands is not merely knowing how to perform the techniques (this can be learnt in 5 minutes), but being able.....
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Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit

Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit


Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit a living legend of Shaolin kung fu and has graciously allowed us to include his materials. He can be contacted [email protected] His website can be found at http://shaolin.org/ He is the fourth generation successor from the famous Shaolin Monastery of China, and a grandmaster of Shaolin Kungfu and Chi Kung. He received the "Qigong Master of the Year" award at the Second World Congress on Qigong held in San Francisco in November 1997

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