Doc-Fai Wong

by | Nov 17, 2015 | Who's Who in Kung Fu

Doc-Fai Wong
Doc-Fai Wong is a second-generation disciple of Yang Cheng-Fu, having studied under Hu Yuen-Chou, a closed-door disciple of Yang Cheng-Fu. Yang Cheng-Fu was the grandson of the founder of the Yang-style Tai Chi Chuan. Hu Yuen-Chou ranked Doc-Fai Wong to be the Grandmaster of his federation before his retirement in 1987. In Choy Li Fut, Doc-Fai Wong is a fifth-generation grandmaster, making him one of the highest ranking Choy Li Fut masters in the world. In 1987 he became the inheritor of the Kong Chow branch of Choy Li Fut and has attained Grandmaster status in other branches as well......
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