Yue Fei

by | Nov 16, 2015 | Who's Who in Kung Fu

(born Feb. 15, 1103 A.D. in Tang Yin Hsien, Henan province. Died in prison Jan. 27, 1142 A.D. [Dec. 9 1141 A.D. Chinese calendar]) Yue Fei was also named Yue Peng-Chu. He was born in Honan province at Tang-Yin. At the age of 20 he joined the army assigned to General Tsung-Tse. His went on mission against pirates on both the Yellow River and the YangTze River. In honor of his exceptional skills the Emperor Kao-Tsung wrote in his own hand a banner stating, "Loyal and Patriotic Yue Fei". This was not the first significant writing for Yue Fei as.....
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