Clear’s Silat, Street Kung Fu & Tai Chi

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Address: 113 East Broadway Avenue, Maryville, TN, USA

At Clear's Silat, Street Kung Fu & Tai Chi, we believe that everyone deserves a long and healthy life, safe from harm. We are committed to making high-level martial arts secrets accessible to the public. We accomplish this with live teaching, instructional DVDs, and online training in Tai Chi, Chi Kung, and Self Defense.

The mission of Clear's Silat, Street Kung Fu & Tai Chi is to fuel a revolution in Martial Arts Instruction based on the pursuit of function, not choreography, not philosophy. We want principles and methods that produce results, not just more techniques and sets.

Styles Taught: Tai Chi, Hsing-I, PaKua (Ba Gua), and Kun Tao Silat

(865) 379-9997

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