Yang’s Martial Arts and Yoga—YMAA Andover

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Address: 5 Dundee Park Drive, Andover, MA 01810, United States

Yang’s Andover was established by Alex Kiesel, one of Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming’s first disciples. Mr. Kiesel’s students have now been leading the programs at Andover for over 30 years. Chris Fazzio is the director and lead instructor of the Kung Fu Programs for children and adults. Paul Blake and Meg Holmes are the lead instructors of Taiji. Senior students assist the lead instructors to provide more individual attention to the students taking class.

Kung Fu and Taiji are offered to students of all ages. Please call 978.475.2020 to ask about our trial sessions and programs. Our studio is located within Yang’s Fitness Center, near downtown Andover, MA.

Styles Taught: Kung Fu: Shaolin Long Fist, (Chángqúan 長拳) & Shaolin White Crane (Bái Hè 白鶴拳), Tai Chi (Tàiji): Yang-style (楊氏太極拳), Chi Kung (Qigong) 氣功)

+1 978-475-2020

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